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The Dutch capture Elmina Castle

The Dutch capture Elmina Castle

The Dutch West India Company sends a felt of nine ships with 400 sailors, 800 soldiers, and an unstated number of Brazilian Indian warriors from Pernambuco, Brazil, to capture Elmina Castle. On August 19, the fleet arrives at Komenda, and West India Company Director Nikolaas Van Yperen persuades the King of Komenda to supply 200 additional manned canoes with promises of rewards after the castle is taken. On August 23, the combined forces land at Cape Coast and march overland to attack Elmina. After defeating a Portuguese-Elmina ambush with heavy losses, Dutch forces capture St. Jago Hill and haul cannon to its summit. On August 26, A Kommenda army attacks Elmina Town from the west, initiating a siege. On August 27, after a day-long combined Dutch naval and land bombardment of Elmina Castle, the Portuguese surrender. The victorious West India Company makes Elmina Castle its operational headquarters and primary regional warehouse in West Africa.


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