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Eric Tilleman visits Kormantin

Eric Tilleman visits Kormantin

Danish visitor Eric Tilleman estimates the number of warriors along the coast as: Apam: 300; Cormantin: 300; Cape Coast: 400; Mouri: 100; Elmina: 1,000.

He provides the following description of the Kormantin area: “Outside the aforementioned bay, on a mountain, lies the Dutch Fortress Cormantin where one anchors directly in front of the Negeri, at seven fathoms in good ground. It is provided with twenty-four cannons, a chief merchant, an assistant merchant, two assistants, a barber, a sergeant, a corporal, four Adets-Burser, a constable, a drummer, and twenty common soldiers, as well as the Natureller; and the Negeri can muster three hundred men with guns. This fort lies at almost the same height as the aforementioned [Brandenburgh Fort Gross] Friderichsberg, and was taken from the English by Admiral Ruyter; and there is much poor gold to be had, where one can easily be cheated if he is not familiar with it.”


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